6-day Program

The most complete activity to get a deeper comprehension of our history and culture.

Visiting a city in half a day is OK. Experience its cultures and traditions in a few days city break is fine.
But if you really want to understand the past and present of Catalonia, we strongly recommend a deeper activity: a 6 day-program specially designed to answer all your wonders about history, politics, and society in our area.

An Atypical Barcelona proposal based on the 6 years experience of CultRuta, dealing everyday with cultural & historical tours for locals mainly.

Spanish Civil War

compromised activity to understand what happened and why did it happen, from the field itself and from a human point of view. In addition, focus groups and meetings are arranged to understand nowadays activities memories and debates about the conflict.

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Fighting for Freedom

To understand the Catalan nationalism (or separatism) from a historical and social point of view, including a trip to discover the roots of Catalan culture and focus groups about nowadays situation.

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Specially designed for trade unions, political parties, politics students, history lovers...

… and anyone else interested in getting a deep knowledge about the past and the present of Catalonia