Spanish Civil War

In July 1936, Spain broke in two. Military coup d’état against the democratic Republican government started a Civil War that lasted almost 3 years, killed more than 600.000 people, and brought Spain to a 40 years dictatorship followed by a “forget-and-don’t-ask” solution. Barcelona and the whole Catalonia rapidly became a relevant scene for the war, since it already was a rich region, with their own culture and separatism claims. However, people who lived, fought and died or survived will be on our focus, giving key details about the Anarchist Revolution, International Brigades participation, fascist regimes contribution, famines, bombings and civil defense.

A 6-day program including:
– visits to shelters, memorials and museums to put ourselves in the civilian’s shoes.
cultural trips out of Barcelona to discover how the war developed and finished far from the city.
interviews with memorial associations to understand the nowadays situation and requests about this issue.

Price per person: 750€/person (accommodation not included)

Ask for detailed program and specific budget