Private Atypical Tours

We have a selection of tours specially designed for groups who want to make an atypical tourism in Barcelona, ​​discover the city thoroughly, or simply have a good time between traces of the past and historical anecdotes.

All these routes

  • are designed to get the attention of a diverse group with different interests.
  • are adaptable to different levels of knowledge of the city. They include explanations to understand the essence of Barcelona and also to discover unknown details even for the local.
  • have understandable explanations. We focus on cause-effect relationships, chronology, urban planning, daily life, etc.
  • are 100% customizable in length, food supplements, transport, access to museums, etc.


About 2 hours (customizable)

< 1 to 10 people, 200€ (all taxes included)
11 to 25 people, 240€ (all taxes and radioguides included)
> Group bigger than 25 people? Ask for an estimate!

Included in groups bigger than 11 people
Also available to smaller groups (extra Radioguides Kit: 50€ )

Each group can choose date and hour, subject, language and lenght

100% customizable
Ask for other subjects, meeting/final points, extras, etc.