Barcelona Gourmet City

Like most Mediterranean cities, Barcelona can be (really) proud of its gastronomy. In addition, its 2000 years of history, its welcoming-land character and its always-innovative spirit make the city unique itself. Markets and hundred-years-old food stores contrast and live together with the avant-garde cooking science.

Our suggestion is a visit to discover how catalan cooking traditions marry the latest trends in the food art. You will get close to a Barcelona that can be seen, touched… as well as smelled and tasted. And we will take this sensorial tour surrounded by historical buildings and neighbourhoods: throughout the old town of the city.

Thematic and sensorial tour

Perfect for a tasting or a meal during the tour or right after it.


About 2 hours

Licensed Guides

Entertaining and professional guides


Included in groups bigger than 11 people

Also available to smaller groups


Walking Tour
Drink & Snack
Small Tasting
3 Small Tastings
Lunch/ Dinner
From € 22