Barcelona Squalid City

Do you dare to become outlaws for a few hours? Let’s walk along the medieval and sordid town, to visit the most characteristic spaces in the past: gallows, brothels, hospitals where people experimented with corpses, forgotten cemeterys or the cloister where the Inquisition tortured.

We go across the touristic Old Town, but remembering the hidden history, the miths and legends related to. At the same time, we look for buildings and signs to illustrate those dark ages but intriguing, macabres and often, forgotten. We will see the Raval, Ghotic and Born areas as we had not seen before.

This tour is specially recommended for the afternoon or evening, when the shadows lengthen, the urban bustle decreases and the charm of the city becomes magical.

Historical, dark, politically incorrect tour

Did you ever wonder what macabre stories hide the streets of Barcelona?


About 2 hours

Licensed Guides

Entertaining and professional guides


Included in groups bigger than 11 people

Also available to smaller groups


Walking Tour
Sant Pau del Camp Monastery
Real Academia de Medicina
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